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It delivers.

Every day, people buy more things online. Fast delivery and order fulfillment is no longer just “nice to have” – it’s the customer expectation. Gig drivers, local businesses, and corporations alike are searching for small-footprint, sustainable delivery vehicles that will cut costs, increase revenue, and improve the customer experience. We think we’ve got just the thing.

The Deliverator is a pure electric, last-mile delivery solution designed to more quickly, safely, and affordably get your goods where they need to go. Built on the Arcimoto Platform, the Deliverator can be customized to carry a wide array of products, from parcels to pizza, groceries to dry cleaning. 

Apply your logos and colors to transform the Deliverator into an eye-catching extension of your brand. Decrease delivery times and increase revenue, all at a fraction of the economic and ecological costs of traditional ICE vehicles. In short, the Deliverator delivers.

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